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9 March 2015

Spanning two Virtually on Track Gems the Tarawera Ultra Marathon 100km race begins in Rotorua’s Whakarewarewa Forest and ends in Kawerau.  While most of the thousand odd competitors are content to finish the race, the world’s elites are in town to win. 

Read on to follow their journey down under through the lens of social media. 

Prepare the cabin for landing

As the elite competitors arrived in the Land of the Long White Cloud the tweets, grams and status updates began to flow as athletes adapted to the oddities and novelty of the country. 

Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton) January 29, 11:13AM

New Zealand has been treating me well! Today Rangitoto island & a run all over the volcano!
#exploring #runtoseemore

Dylan Bowman (@dylanbo) Feb 1, 4:08PM

Kiwi bar, Irish brew, American football. @stancesocks #theuncommonthread #SuperBowlXLIX

Michael Wardian, Feb 1, 7:16AM

Arrive in Middle Earth. So cool

Michael Wardian, Feb 1, 7:50PM,

Time to Fly at AJ Hackett Bungy...The Original I am told.

Dylan Bowman (@dylanbo), Feb 3rd

G'day from Aukland! Enjoying a #flatwhite and feeling crazy fortunate to be here. Now let's see if I can survive this confusing driving environment. Hope everyone has a great weekend! @thenorthface @hypoxico @clifbarcompany

Kia Ora Welcome to Rotorua

The focus soon shifted to Rotorua and with words like paradise and jaw dropping being thrown around the athletes' appreciation for the region became apparent. 

Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton) Feb 5, 1:55AM

Having some great fun out at Tarawera 100k in New Zealand. Some crazy trails out here! @TrailRunningMag @inov_8

Jorge Maravilla (@1jorgemaravilla) Feb 5
It's great to be greeted by the magical trails of New Zealand.

Nuria Picas (@NuriaPicas) Feb 5 1:55AM

Bon dia-buenos días-good morning!!! ...HERE WE GOOOO!!! #paradise #NewZealand

Michael Wardian, Feb 5, 7:15PM

Amazing to be included with these athletes for the Tarawera 100k. Thank you everyone for allowing me to share the experience with you.

Nuria Picas, (@NuriaPicas) Feb 5, 8:52PM

Beautiful place...beautiful people!!! @CADENCENZ @Paubartolo @buff_es #NewZealand #paradise

Michael Wardian, Feb 5, 2:52PM 

Um, yes this place is jaw dropping Tarawera 100K

Michael Wardian, Feb 6, 12:25PM

Enjoying beautiful Rotorua.

Getting Serious - ish

Despite the looming 100KM the athletes remained pretty calm in the 24 hours prior to the race as they attended a photo shoot, went to the race briefing, got their kit ready and had a pre race breakfast.  . 

Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton) Feb 5, 3:33PM

Race briefing time @ #Tarawera100k in New Zealand. Medical talk: it's going to hurt, don't beat yourself up too much


Michael Wardian, Feb 6, 5:44PM

Kit laid out for Tarawera 100k. Thank you everyone for the opportunity.

Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton) Feb 6, 12:12AM

Off to sleep before racing #Tarawera 100k tomorrow. Right excited! @inov8 @lyonequipment @JulboEyewear




Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton) Feb 6

Feeling fortunate to race tomorrow and chase down the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.



Ready, Set, Go!

Following a rousing Kapa Haka performance the race began at 6AM.  After a fierce battle up front, Dylan Bowman took line honours in a record time! As for the rest of out social media stars? Jorge Maravilla was runner up,  Michael Wardian  came in fifth and Robbie Britton whopushed the pace early finished in seventh.  Nuria Picas was third woman.  For a full race report click here

Dylan Bowman (@dylanbo) Feb 7, 9:06PM

Proud to win @trailrunz #Tarawera 100k. Great battle with good friend and training partner @1jorgemaravilla. Stoked!

Jorge Maravilla (@1jorgemaravilla) Feb 10, 5:40PM

I promise I was congratulating the Tarawera 100km champ, @dylanbo, and not humping his leg, I promise!!!

Michael Wardian, Feb 12, 5:34AM

Big Smiles at Tarawera 100K.

Aftermatch, Prizegiving and Recovery 

After a night in which some slept better than others the competitors met for prizegiving and used a variety of methods for recovery. 

Nuria Picas(@NuriaPicas) Feb 8, 12:53PM

Breakfast time!!! "Nice people...lovely country"!!

Michael Wardian (@mikewardian), Feb 8

Crazy pretty shake out run #taraweraultra

Dylan Bowman (@dylanbo), Feb 8

Recovery #sweetas

Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton) Feb 8 2:18PM                  

Solid Top 5 at #Tarawera100K @mikewardian @jorgemaravilla & @dylanbo! #nearly #nexttime

Haere Ra

And with some kind departing words they were gone.....

Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton), Feb 9, 10:41AM

A huge thank you to everyone involved with the race this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed (nearly) every second of it! Such beautiful trails, well worth travelling around the world to see!

Whoever put those song lyrics out along the course, you star, they kept me right entertained! Apologies if anyone had to listen to my singing...

Jorge Maravilla, Feb 11, 12:03PM 

As we near our departure back home to California, we leave with an incredible experienced first class event thanks to the RD's, volunteers, and local community, thank you!  Congrats to all participants, you are all inspiring.

We leave with our hearts touched and look forward to returning next year, KIA ORA!!!

Dylan Bowman, Feb 9, 10:54AM

Before I head home to California, I wanted to stop by and say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the race this year. The organizers, volunteers, and athletes make this a truly world class event. The scenery wasn't half bad eitherJ . I am beyond humbled and grateful to go home as the champion and will wear the title proudly. See you all next year, same time, same place!

Micheal Wardian, Feb 8, 2:08PM

I just wanted to say Thank you so much to the race committee, volunteers, sponsors, and the athletes and crew. I enjoyed sharing the events and trails with you all and I feel so honored and humbled to be treated so kindly each year. You all make me feel very welcomed and hope to see you all soon. Good luck with the recovery and Stay after it.

Robbie Britton (@ultrabritton), Feb 12 5:39PM

Packing to leave New Zealand, so many great memories coming home with me. Now for an adventure with @EtihadAirways to Heathrow! #longhaul

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