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Three chances to challenge
28 May 2015

David Jaggs from Beyond Adventure Racing loves to get outside and explore new areas; and it was during a visit to TECT All Terrain Park a few years ago that he thought, “This would be a cool place to run an event”.

Fast forward to 2015 and with several successful trail running events under their belt, Beyond Adventure Racing with support from Virtually on Track and Podium Podiatry and Footwear are set to launch the Tauranga Trail Runner series at a sold out Papamoa Hills event on Saturday 13th June.  Papamoa Hills is followed by a return to TECT All Terrain Park in July and a McLaren Falls event in August.  

Each event will feature off-road running options of approximately 5KM and 10KM and they provide an ideal entry point for those seeking to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to something new.  A non-intimidating and easily accessible event is something David sees a need for as a result of his experience with personal training and entry level coaching for Beyond Personal Training.     

“For me fitness has always been about getting out there and doing things, it’s not so much about how you look in the mirror.  Giving someone some sort of goal has been a good thing to do.  So I think there’s a really good market for entry level events, smaller entry fees, keeping it pretty low key and just getting people having a good time so they don’t feel like they’re under the lights with thousands and thousands of other people”.

It appears to be working, with fantastic participant feedback from earlier events and a high level of interest surrounding the upcoming series.  

“We’ve had lots of people that wouldn’t normally challenge themselves to do something like that who have done a bit of training, gone up there first and done a loop, experienced the track and then they’ve gone on to do the race.  They’re more inclined to do it from a local point of view if they can go up there first because they can go and test the waters, they don’t need to drive 6 hours; they can get a feel for it first and take away some of the nerves”.

Despite the participatory nature of the Tauranga Trail Runner Series David still expects an intense battle upfront, with a few familiar names planning to toe the line come June 13th, “We’ve definitely got some fast entrants – that’s for sure”. 

Teunis Schoneveld who won Beyond Adventure Racing’s recent Podium Off-Road Half Marathon has entered as well as David Sullivan who won the final event of the Papamoa King of the Hill Series in December. 

There will be a point system to crown an overall winner - but true to form, David’s priorities don’t necessarily lie in gold, silver and bronze.

“The main thing is getting people up there, getting involved, having fun and exploring new areas.  We want people to finish and feel like they’ve really achieved something, whether they’re the guy that came first or the person that comes last but ticks off their first 5 or 10 KM”.

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