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The summer that keeps on giving!
30 January 2015

A friend said this to me last week and I happily agreed… "this is the summer that keeps on giving”. Pre summer I didn’t hold out much hope, I was informed it was going to be a windy summer. “Oh great” I said… “hot but unable to really enjoy; the beach without getting lashed with sand; camping without some serious damage to tent poles; and swimming without freezing every body part not submerged”.

However this summer has been a scorcher and the whole of NZ has been lucky enough to enjoy the fabulous weather not to mention us lucky BOP’ers. Not only has the festive season been great but we have greeted the long weekend holidays with a strike of luck as well.

I don’t know about you but I love a spot of camping and enjoy a good ol kiwi holiday. In the Bay we are absolutely spoilt for choice with incredible camping spots. Breath taking scenery, superb lakes, beautiful forest and precious beaches all within a short driving distance from our main centres.  Lucky for us DOC provide the necessities at a lot of these campsites and charge a very minimal amount to stay.

A couple of my favourite spots include Hot Water Beach on Lake Tarawera; a campground accessible by boat or the tarawera trail. Nestled in on the banks of Te Rata Bay this popular camping spot is a perfect way to get amongst nature, relax in the hot pools and enjoy some water sport action.

If you are more the fishing getaway type Matata campground is a special spot with fishing and safe swimming just over the dunes.  You can also enjoy a bit of bird watching (the feathered type) with the wildlife refuge next door lodging an array of wetland birds.

For more info about DOC campsites visit or of course there are a number of privately owned campgrounds scattered across the bay in some pretty special spots... where is your favourite???

There is another long weekend to come so go on book a camping spot and continue to relish the summer that keeps on giving.

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