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So many adventures to have in April!
8 April 2015

Adventure… according to the Collins English Dictionary can be defined as;

- A risky undertaking of unknown outcome…

- An exciting or unexpected event or course of events…

How often do you get adventurous… do you enjoy the thrill of the unknown?  Adventure can have various meaning for different people. What I consider to be adventurous may be extremely tame for the seasoned explorer. But you know what it doesn’t really matter, just getting out and trying something new can be very exciting, give a sense of accomplishment and a serve up some endorphins.

Play in the Bay’s Adventure Month is perfect to find something adventurous just for you. Whether you want to travel across the bay or do something close to home this month’s calendar has plenty of options. It also includes a number of events and activities on our very own Virtually on Track gem sites.

Mountain biking in the Redwoods, checking out the glow worms at TECT All Terrain Park, stand up padding on Ohiwa Harbour, geo-teering in Kawerau, biking in Opotiki and heading out for a guided night walk exploring the kiwi reserve in Ohope, so much to choose from!

Find something for you in this month’s calendar… click here!

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