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Keeping the kids active at Onepu
29 June 2015

I am part of a pretty active family.  I believe it is important to get the kids out on family adventure days and make it fun for them.  Good experience with exercise and adventure will set up a good future of activity for them.

One place that we love to go is Onepu Mountain Bike Park.  It hasn’t always been the perfect experience as it can be challenging and frustrating for the kids but perseverance is the key.  The more they improve, the less frustrated they get and the better the experience for everyone.  They now love it.  My 4 year sits on the front of my bike and yells “faster” while I am biking up hills and giggles uncontrollably as I race downhill.  The older two kids can’t get enough of the “Zephyr” track, a fast downhill that is sure to leave a huge smile on your face. You may find that you let out the odd “whoop” on this track.

We often get several families together and all go out mountain biking together.  There is a great place called The Sand Pit where the kids can race through a short course of jumps while the adults figure out where they are going next.  Due to the large group of people we tend to separate out but always plan to meet back at the sandpit. It is always a great day out.

Onepu Mountain Bike Park is on Norske Skog Tasman forestry land. It is provided for members of the public for mountain biking, walking and running.  It is maintained by a volunteer care group and rely heavily on honesty box donations.  If you do use this park be sure to leave a donation to ensure the future of this fabulous local gem.

Click here for more info about Onepu Park!

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