McLaren Falls & Lower Kaimai

Kayaking/ Canoeing

McLaren Falls Park

Lake McLaren is a popular area for kayaking particularly for families with its calm waters, beautiful surroundings and plenty of good picnicking spots. Bottom flat is a good place to start from with options to BBQ, picnic or camp afterwards. If you don’t have your own kayak then there are plenty of commercial kayaking trips that operate on Lake McLaren including night tours that explore some of the lakes canyons where plenty of glow worms can be seen.  McLaren Falls Park is located 15 minutes from Tauranga on SH29.

Map of park:

Wairoa River

The Wairoa river is a hydro controlled river which is only opened up 26 times a year, usually from 10am-4pm. This grade 5 river passes through a stunning rock and tree lined gorge and includes turbulent rapids and exciting drops.  Because of this it is for experienced kayakers only. The 4km run starts from behind the old McLaren Falls power station on McLaren Falls Rd, which is located 15 minutes from Tauranga on SH29.  You finish beside the Ruahihi power station on SH29.