TECT All Terrain Park

High Ropes

TECT All Terrain Park is home to Adrenalin Forest, a multi-level aerial obstacle course that is designed to progress you higher and higher into the trees. After appropriate training you will be able to navigate yourself through the series of tree to tree platforms with activities like rope bridges, tarzan swings, nets, flying foxes and of course loads more. With multiple different courses, the Adrenalin Forest offers around 3 hours of entertainment, fun, challenge and of course adrenalin.

The park main gate is closed at night and opened in daylight hours only. Summer hours are from 7am to 9pm, including Labour Weekend to Easter.  Winter hours are from 8am to 5pm. Park maps, toilets and carparking are located at the Arrival Centre .

Adrenalin Forest

Phone : 07 929 8724 / 0800 2 BE APE

Website: www.adrenalin-forest.co.nz/

Email: tauranga@adrenalin-forest.co.nz