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Downhill - this be crazy!
26 February 2015

I wouldn’t even consider myself a beginner mountain biker… more of the be – in beginner. So watching the downhill mountain bike nationals at Skyline in Rotorua on Sunday was an awesome experience.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the riders got up after they had crashed… these adventurous riders brushed it off like they had just tipped over sideways.  Up they got and off they went sending a fist pump into the air after, most often they had executed a spectacular somersault over the handle bars and landed literally face in the dirt.

An enthusiastic crowd met the riders at the bottom of the hill filled with ‘ooooss’ and ‘aaahhhs’ and genuine concern when one of the riders came off.  I was in awe of the skill of these riders, fast reaction times, balance, strength and seemingly fearless.

The location for the event Skyline Rotorua offers the very first year round gondola assisted bike lift in New Zealand and the 8.5km downhill track is world class – attracting riders from all over the world.

The specific bike gondolas allow up to 3000 runs down the hill each day.  To emphasise how awesome this bike park is, Rotorua has attracted Crankworx the international bike festival to be held in March. Some of the events taking place at Skyline include Enduro, Downhill, Slope Style and Pump Track.

These events will be insanely spectacular to watch with top international riders competing. Make sure you check out the amazing bike festival that is Crankworx and support it being right here in our neighbourhood. For more info check out

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