Waihi Beach & Coastline

Adventure Racing/ Multisport/ Triathlon

The Nugget

The wonderful scenery that makes up the Waihi Beach and Coastline gem site is the back drop for iconic Nugget Multisport Festival held every year in May.

The Nugget is an unforgettable adventure from Waihi's charming town centre out to the spectacular harbour and coast at Waihi Beach, before returning via breathtaking trails to the rim of the Martha Mine where you finish under the shadow of the Cornish Pumphouse in central Waihi.

Along the way you'll ride through quiet country roads, paddle the beautiful harbour and run along remote rocky coastlines and cliff-tops to hidden beaches. After "the Hill" you'll mountain bike through rolling farmland and stunning single-track before your final run around the Martha Mine open pit.

As well as the Full Nugget Multisport Race, there is a Half Nugget Duathlon, 21km Adventure Run and the 10km or 5km Run/Walk events ... they really do have something for everyone!

Website: www.thenugget.co.nz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheNuggetWaihi