Holdens Bay - Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun activity cards - Holdens Bay

Upload a photo of your whānau completing an activity below using hashtag #VOTfuninsun to Facebook or Instagram, and you'll go in th draw to WIN! The more activites you complete, and the more photos you tag, then the more chances to win!

Competition open 21 December, 2018 to 31 January, 2019. Compeitions T+Cs.

Download activity cards or see the list below. 

Activity 1

Sand Family:

  • Build a life size sand family
  • TOP TIP: Leaves make a great hair do

Activity 2

Treaure Hunt:
1. For safety reasons, vehicles are asked to travel at speeds of _ _ _/_ _ while in the Parks grounds
2. Can you locate the two carved wooden sculptures in the Park? Where are they and what are they?
3. Free range chickens make the park their home and are known for laying their eggs all over the place. How many eggs can you find? Take a photo of the spots where you find them hiding.
4. Donald the Duck also lives at the Holdens Bay Holiday Park. Can you find the elusive Donald and capture a selfie with him?
5. _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ are the two Kunekune pigs who live at the Park
6. Use the blackboard and create a chalk masterpiece showing us something you have done while visiting Rotorua. Don’t forget to snap a photo. 7
7. Trout have been seen in the stream that runs through the park, how many can you spot today? Hint- Ask a staff member for their top trout spying tips.

Activity 3


  • Spread the word and get a crew together for a game of Volleyball

Activity 4

Make a Sundial:

  • How do you tell the time on holiday? Use the natural resources around you to make a Sundial
  • TOP TIP: Tall sticks love to cast shadows

Activity 5

Jandal Toss:

  • Set up a target, throw your jandal and see who can get the closest!
  • TOP TIP: Think horse shoe throw!

Activity 6

Tidy Kiwi:

  • Be a tidy kiwi – If you see any rubbish as you complete Fun in the Sun please pick it up and put it in a rubbish or recycling bin
  • TOP TIP: Make sure to wash your hands afterwards!

Activity 7


  • Design your own game of Hopscotch
  • TOP TIP: How tricky can you get?

Activity 8


  • Grab a bat and challenge a mate to see how many hits you can get in a row

Activity 9

Walking Explorer:

  • Head to the lake at the end of Robinson Avenue, then head right towards Hannah’s Bay Reserve. Complete the board walk and record what bugs, birds, and critters you see, hear and find along the way.
  • TOP TIP: Follow the path opposite the playground to the start the boardwalk

Activity 10

Be Water Smart:

  • Show us your favourite way to cool off at the Lake on a hot summer day

Fill in the blanks with these questions about water safety:

“Never _ _ _ _ when tired or cold”

“If in _ _ _ _ _ stay out”

“Never Swim or _ _ _ _ alone”

Activity 11

Kiwi Conservationist:

  • Make a quick video about being a clever kiwi conservationist
  • TOP TIP: Conservationist = a clever kiwi who protects and looks after the environment and wildlife

Activity 12

Raft Challenge:

  • Using only items of nature found on the ground, make a raft and float it down the stream that runs through the park, having a raft race with your team mates.
  • TOP TIP: A good place to put your raft in the stream is near the big rock below the playground